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About the new Yahoo! Mail (by Jeremy Zawodny)

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Content Summary

Well, Orthanes, and Ann Jackson, my experience has taught me that, the reason behind the difficul... Finally I tried it from home, and it worked like a charm.... I can use it perfectly... it reminds... Some, not all, and I had higher expectations from the Beta version... My advice to both of you, and to those who have problems with getting passed the "Invite Window" ... Once your "Invitation Window" is fully loaded, click on "Don't try" and you will be automatically... Nevertheless, if you do manage to get passed the "Invitation Window" on a less crowded network, m... There is no problem with going back to the old format at any given moment. The interface is indeed really cool for all the reasons noted above. I also like having the inbox... Almost all the features I have wanted -- and more -- are in Yahoo! Mail Beta. I've tried Eudora (which is crummy with HTML emails, especially forwarding them), Thun... Neutral -- Setting up IMAP is on my to-do list, but not a high priority. I have not tried Beta with IMAP, no... It would be really cool to have an import tool that would suck all the Eudora, Thunderbird, ACT! Mail, and any other email formats out of my hard drive and external hard drive and organizae them... I've used gmail and don't like it. It groups related mails into 'conversations' and if you try and delete one it deletes the lot - w... Also, it doesn't allow me to create different folders for different groups of mail - for differen... The only way I can use gmail is to use Outlook as a front end and move all mails into it from gma... Result - I've gone back to Yahoo Mail Classic. I'll use the new Yahoo Mail when they manage to ma... on July 31, 2008 06:25 PM # sandy said:

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