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Humor Gazette: Sharp satire on politics, pop culture, media, sex & technology
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John Breneman's sharp satire on politics, pop culture and the media

Humor Gazette, Daily Palin, Barack Obama, john breneman, Daily, satire, fake news, revisionist history, funny stuff, politics, pop culture, media, obama, palin, George Bush, money, sex, monkeys, Jacko, Jesus, Santa, cheap laughs, Hollywood, clones, health hazards, global warming, saddam hussein, osama

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breneman gazette gunn humor john media news paradise political portsmouth professor reading week

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I've posted hundreds of humor items here since my friend Jeff helped me launch the site in 2003. Recently, I've been snooping through my archive of newspaper stories, and have decided to post so... I was not scheduled to be in the newsroom on Sept. 11, 2001 , but when I got there I was asked to... I was honored to meet Miss Ruth Jones , a proud descendant of the legendary abolitionist Frederic... One of the highlights of my five years editing the Cambridge (Mass.) Chronicle was our 150th anniversary edition of the Chronicle (honored as the year’s Best Special ... I’ve been reporting on New Hampshire’s famed presidential primary since 1988. Seriously, Chicago Tribune travel writer Josh Noel? Portsmouth is that perfect? "So ideal that I ache, I envy and I curse my childhood for not includ... In case you haven't heard, "perfect" Portsmouth got a poetic pat on the posterior last week from a Windy City travel columnist who ble... The breathless opening of his Port City paean — mimicked, then quoted above — has inspired consid... Continue reading "Ode to Portsmouth: Paradise by the Piscataqua" » 12:37 PM | Combined age: 84. He's about 33, so that makes me what, 29ish? And though I am pretty sure we weren't the oldest man-cycle combo to saddle up for Bike to Work W... At least the creaks, rasps and groans emanating mostly from the crank case drowned out the softer... Ever since I ditched my Boston commute to join what is pound-for-pound one of the finest media or... Continue reading "Bicycle commute right in my wheelhouse" » 3:59 PM |

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