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Content Summary

In the midst of all of the ?uproar? over the President?s planned speech to school kids on Tuesday... It would seem to me that there should be no better place for my children to watch that speech (or... Where the adults in the room lead my kids to dig deeper, to validate facts, and consider the many... Where the discussion around it is such that it lays to rest the concern that many seem to have ab... If schools are the fully functioning learning communities that we hope they are, they should be t... That, however, is not the message we are sending. All of this speaks to the ever narrowing role we as a society have assigned to our schools. Last year we had a parent from a participating school who felt that student participation in this... If we can?t discuss and examine multiple perspectives surrounding knotty issues in our schools, t... Reply to this comment Comment by Jim P 2009-09-05 12:04:43 In most other states, I find it offensive that parents fear for their children being exposed to ?... Reply to this comment When President Obama was elected and students were not happy that he was the one that was elected... The children are not being taught to look at an argument critically and to disagree with their el... My daughter had no idea that we lived in a country where the government is ?by the people and for... Schools need to teach critical thinking skills and open debate and teach students how to think fo... If schools would take that approach I don?t think you would see such an uproar over the speech. In my own classroom we are not watching the speech because I just don?t have an hour to give up a... And as I write that, I think as educators we complain that parents aren?t involved and then when ...

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