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SPEEDbit Video Accelerator - Eliminate buffering of YouTube videos. Watch smooth HD videos
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Video delivery (throughput) rate - This is the actual flow of data from the video servers to your PC. Think of the video throughput as water flowing to the top of a skyscraper. Having the largest pipes possible at the base of the building does not guarantee a strong flow of... The flow at the top is limited by the pipes located there and by the tap itself. Standard Video High Quality video (HQ) The Internet protocol is very limited in its ability to deliver video efficiently. The quality of the delivery deteriorates due to physical distance, congested areas along the way,... Web Video sites are making great efforts to overcome those limitations, and Speedbit Video Accele... Only Speedbit Video Accelerator with its patented and award winning technology can acquire the vi... Video Accelerator fully utilizes the available bandwidth and overcomes congested areas, busy serv... It provides the best user experience for watching Online Videos, and even "long tail" videos that... Funny Video Is buffering a problem? World Leader in Acceleration Technology "Life-changing technology innovation and potential for long-term impact on business and society..... Read More Today's Top Story: SPEEDbit's Incredible Shrinking Download SPEEDbit's Incredible Shrinking Download [ The] new accelerator can download a film inside 20 minutes...this could revolutionize the online ... April 11, 2007.

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