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2million - My Journey to Financial Freedom, a Personal Finance Blog
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A Personal Finance Blog of a journey to reach my goal of a net worth of $2 million. 2million - My Journey to Financial Freedom

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Content Summary

Back in early 2006 when I reviewed the returns from my net worth in 2005 I realized I needed to s... Here is what my asset allocation looked like in March: I took a look at my total asset allocation... Unfortuntely, my asset allocation has already changed enough that I should start over. Here is how my Total Asset Allocation looks now: 3 big changes since March: 1) I bought a second ... My pension plan earns a yield equivalent to 1 yr treasuries + 1%. 3) I have burned through a siza... posted by 2million at 9/19/2006 08:11:00 AM | Add to | 69 comments Yes, this cash situation is a bit manufactured by me. I stretched to put 20% down on the property... The good news in all this is I don't think I am going to have any liquidity problems. I have 2 ou... If I plan correctly, I should be able to adjust my spending for long enough to recover my cash po... However, the bad news is I am currently short $7,500 when you look at my available cash and the a... In addition, things will probably get worse before they start to get better. Now that I am engaged, a wedding (and all the expenses that come with it) is looming in the backg... All of these major expenses are going to have me in a tight situation for a long period of time. Repair or Replace HVAC? $13k O% Balance Transfer from Capital One Credit C... Saving Money the MacGyver Way August 2006 Net Worth Update (+$18,689) 2million's One Year Anniversary Archives

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