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Search thousands of 'inside' jobs in the entertainment and media industries from our comprehensive database and get in front of 3,800+ entertainment industry leaders we collaborate with.

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any other site. TAKE CONTROL of your career search with a personalized dashboard. They Can with a Searchable Profile. CAN EMPLOYERS FIND YOU? Your Open Door to the Entertainment Industry 5 Hrs. That?s the average audience for a single episode of NPR?s recent season of “Serial” &... Serial?s success has helped begin a resurgence of podcast interest and production. The Top Companies with Great Employee Satisfaction Finding a job is more than just finding a company that may want to actually hire you, it?s about ... The average American work week currently stands at 47 hours . That?s a lot of time investment for any employee, and spending that time working for a company th... To help you avoid that situation, we?ve gathered together some of the entertainment industry?s co... In the latest role reversal, those with music jobs have increasingly turned to the live concert i... In the last two years, live concert industry revenue has grown by 50% . Featured Employer Berri Goldfarb Public Relations West Hollywood CA Full-service public relations agency that specializes in media services, promotional campaigns, c... The E.W.

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