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ETL Tools Info - Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

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ETL Tools Info - Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

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Content Summary

Business Intelligence - Data warehousing - ETL ETL Tools Info Data Warehouse ETL process Data Warehousing ETL tutorial IBM InfoSphere DataStage Administers DataStage projects, manages global settings and interacts with the system. Administrator is used to specify general server defaults, add and delete projects, set up project... With Datastage Administrator users can set job monitoring limits, user privileges, job scheduling... Manager - it's a main interface to the Datastage Repository, allows its browsing and editing. It displays tables and files layouts, routines, transforms and jobs defined in the project. It is mainly used to store and manage reusable metadata . Designer - used to create DataStage jobs which are compiled into executable programs. This module is mainly used by Datastage developers. Director - manages running, validating, scheduling and monitoring DataStage jobs. It?s mainly used by operators and testers. Datastage manager view Datastage Administrator view and project properties Datastage Designer view with a job sequence Back to the Datastage tutorial

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