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How To Twitter - First Steps and a Twitter Glossary - Scott Hanselman

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UPDATE: Want more advanced Twitter Tips?We're having loads of fun over on Twitter. I've blogged about it before and how it's a conversation starter, a message ...


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When you want to reply to someone, you hit the little reply arrow in your client or on the web. The client will insert that users name with an X@X sign, like X@X It will also populate some hidd... It's helpful to reply to specific tweets as it makes the conversation easier to follow later. Often newbies reply to the most recent tweet, but then make reference to tweets from days before. For maximum social-ness, the first setting you should change when you sign up for Twitter is your... Set it to show replies from anyone rather than just the replies from people you follow. Otherwise you'll miss out on a lot of the conversation. Follow people in all of the things you're interested in. For example, don't just follow programmers, or famous people, or news sites. I've seen folks foll... If you follow just me and X@X, you'll immediately hate us both because it'll seem like we tweet a... If you have enough people, it'll seem more like a cocktail party with lots of folks talking, as o... There are many famous people on twitter but there's also lots of useful bots and news services. For example, X@X, and X@X, but also companies with Twitter specific discounts like X@X Another ex... Watch for other interesting people to follow. Surprised to not see Twictionary mentioned - http://twictionar... - as it could have saved a lot ... Plus, some Portland folks got it started. But, it's not like you need the sleep right? ;-) Ryan Williams Friday, 06 February 2009 07:39:28 UTC The main problem I found with Twitter in the early days is finding people to follow - this disapp... But initially tools such as TweeterTags - http://www.tweete... and Mr.

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