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How Web Pages Work | HowStuffWorks

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You can put anything you want on a Web page, from family pictures to business information. Learn how to create, upload and promote your pages so they're available all over the world.

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YouTube Twitter Pinterest Tech Toggle navigation Tech Health Have you ever wanted to create your own Web page, complete with titles and text and graphic icons? Have you ever heard the word "HTML" and wondered what it means? If so, then read on... In this article, we will look at the art and science of Web pages and experiment with a number of... We've even created a tool that lets you try out HTML and view it instantly. As it turns out, Web page creation is both incredibly easy and a lot of fun, and totally within y... By the time you finish reading this article, you will be ready to start assembling your own! Is happiness contagious in online social networks? How Emergency Notifications Work Today's Headlines Surprising, Super and Strange: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week Ultra-rare Ferrari Goes on Auction Block State Laws Still Allow Child Marriage in America Most Popular

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