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A site for people who think. Intellectual resources, programming, astronomy, science, mathematics, Java/JavaScript applets, programming instruction, home of Arachnophilia.

arachnophilia, programming, nature, satfinder, bears, environment, lutus, c++, java, linux, science, astronomy

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alaska article based calculator expedition feedback interactive java linux programming psychology reader ruby science set

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AnchorSentinel An Android-based navigation/anchor watch program Android application Privacy Polic... Android-x86 Desktop Howto A step-by-step guide for Android kernel configuring and compiling. CarpeTempus An Android-based alarm/timer program Linux on Android How to run a desktop Linux dist... SatFinderAndroid An Android-based satellite dish resource SSHelper An Android-based multi-protoco... TankCalcAndroid An Android-based storage tank analyzer Boycott Microsoft An article that describes Microsoft's history, marketing strategy and increasin... Everything You Know is Wrong Ignorance is knowledge — or is it the other way around? Number Base Conversions A calculator for converting between number bases Polygon Calculator An on... Quoter A JavaScript quotation generator applet, useful as a Web page component, recently rewritten. Regular Expression Laboratory An interactive JavaScript regular expression processing engine. Snell's Law Calculator A convenient JavaScript calculator for Snell's Law results. Solar Computer A recently updated, interactive JavaScript application that computes sunrise/sunse... Unicode Character Search A JavaScript Unicode character search utility Unit Conversions A compreh... Virtual Calculator Virtual Calculator — interactive JavaScript application Encountering Ruby The Ruby programming language. A summary with operating hints and programming i... Graphinity: Graphing in Depth A Ruby graphing and analysis program, recently rewritten. Modeling Gravity with Ruby Ruby Gravitation. A Ruby program that models gravitation in real-time,... Programming Icom Radios A Ruby project that tells Icom radios what to do. Round Container Corners using Pure CSS A Ruby script that creates round corners using pure CSS me... Round Table Corners using Graphics A Ruby application to create round HTML table corners. Ruby Howto: Graphical User Interface How to design a GUI interface for your Ruby program..

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