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Irish Christmas Traditions

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Content Summary

Lighted Candle Placed in Window A distinctive feature of Christmas decorations is the very large candle placed near the front win... According to one belief, the candle long served as a symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph who sou... The ceremony of lighting the candle is one of simple ancient rituals during which prayers are sai... For centuries it has been a practice in Irish villages to set the kitchen table after the evening... On it is a loaf of bread filled with caraway seeds and raisins, a pitcher of milk and a large lit... The door is left unlatched. Irish actress, Roma Downey, who portrays the angel Monica on Touched By an Angel, is in keeping w... Candle lighting at this time can also be traced back to antiquity, to the time when ancient Roman... Holly Wreaths The glossy-leaved holly with it's clusters of red berries, popular as a door decoration in North ... They came to the United States during the Great Potato Famine. Holly grows wild in the south of Ireland and at Christmas time houses are lavishly decorated with... Santa Claus/Father Christmas Seven swans a swimming = The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven Sacraments. Eight maids a-milking = The eight Beatitudes. Nine ladies dancing = The nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit (sometimes also listed as the nine classifications of angels). Ten lords a-leaping =

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