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Cool Solutions: Novell SecureLogin Script: Gmail Login with SSO

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Novell's Girish Mutt shares a cool NSL script to help you add SSO capability to your Gmail login.

SecureLogin, Identity & Security Management, Mailbox, Secure Access

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Content Summary

ZENworks Configuration Management ZENworks Endpoint Security Management ZENworks Full Disk Encryption ZENworks Patch Management ZENworks Virtual Appliance Learn more about ZENworks File & > cool solutions home Novell SecureLogin Script: Gmail Login with SSO Novell Cool Solutions: Feature By Girish Mutt Digg This - Slashdot This Posted: 3 May 2006 Introduction This article is intended to help you enable your Gmail account for Web Single Sign O... Since Gmail is quickly becoming a widely used e-mail service, the script in this article has been... Using the Gmail Script with Novell SecureLogin NSL Provide the values to the following parameters to create the application definition: Type: This defines the type of the Application, such as Windows, Terminal Emulator, Java, Web, an... Since you are are creating a Application Definition for Gmail, which is a Web application, choose... URL: For the Gmail account, provide "google" as the URL parameter value. Description: Provide any value that will help you understand the type of application needing this... For exammple, use "Gmail Login". Figure 1: Adding a new application definition for Gmail login

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