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PhineSolutions | A web log for web work
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A friend of mine recently asked me to help out building a data warehouse based on some Access dat... Here is a PHP class that I created to read database record from Access. class DataMdb { private $conn; function __construct($mdbF... { // Set up the connection if (!$this->conn = new COM("ADODB.C... { exit("Unable to creat... Mic... Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" . realpath($mdbFile); try { $this->conn-&g... } catch (Exce... Posted in PHP development | elem.bind(?click?, function() { elem.innerHTML = ?? + elem.innerHTML + ?<... This function simply attach a click event to a DOM element so whenever it is clicked the content ... However, the function attached to the DOM object ?elem? also uses the DOM object, hence, a circul... In this particular example, since a DOM object is connected with Javascript function, it is possi... Consider using global variable to hold large amount of data can reduce some of the risk above. Let?s you have a Javascript that uses Ajax to to pull data from the server constantly, you can us... The returned data is better to be held in a global variable than local. There are other options like postfix, exim and qmail that you can consider. Here is a good article on MTA comparison. Although there are lots of pros and cons that you can munch on I think the most important thing t... With the latest development they are all very capable products so anyone of them can deliver your... This is quite a long-winded post. I don?t mean to write a tutorial but just want to cover some ba... And please do leave your comment if you have any thoughts, tips or suggestions. Posted in server setup | 1 Comment

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