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Web Hosting News, Dedicated Server Companies, ISV Information
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Web hosting news and information about ISVs and hosting software providers. Catch up on the latest hosting news, and read web hosting articles and tutorials.

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Peter Sunde, a former co-founder of Pirate Bay has launched a domain name registration anonymizat... The service is called Njalla and offers protection for customer data and privacy. Instead of the customer owning the domain, the company will own it on behalf of the customer. Njalla isn?t a domain registrar and doesn?t offer ownership by proxy, like many other privacy ser... They own the domain fully for the customer and give the customer full control over it. The domain can even be transferred to the customer or another third party without charge. Read the full story... Both Swift and Fermi are satellite sent into space by NASA to gather data about black hole energy... They were supposed to be in space for a few years, but have survived for over a decade now. While having the satellites in space is excellent for researchers, the outdated computer operatin... She believes it?s just a matter of time before someone will hack into something in space. Read the full story... Dropbox has Received a $600 Million Credit Line from JPMorgan April 7th, 2017 | Benjamin Ehinger The Hosting News recommends ITX Design for dedicated servers and website hosting. Don't forget to check out The Hosting News on Google+! Web Hosting Categories Cloud Web Hosting Colocation Companies cPanel Web Hosting Dedicated Server Hosts Exchange Hosting... Articles Blog Web Hosting Budget Hosting Cloud Hosting Colocation Guides DDOS Protection Datacenters Dedic... News & PR

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