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Welcome to, purely devoted to the old Unreal versions
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Unreal, Oldunreal, Patch, 227, Maps, Coop, Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament, Unreal2, UnrealII, UnrealTournament

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Coop-Contest Starting on 18th of August everyone who wants to join the contest may visit any of t... The servers are online already and Trial-Matches can be run (including a TRAINING Server to explo... For more information visit: Coop Contest 2016 A special thanks to Krull for the new banner and logo. "Frags for OldSparky" - 2nd memorial day: 25th of june 2016 [16-06-2016] The DOG Clan announces this upcoming event: On 25th of june, it'll be already 2 years since OldSparky passed away. we still keep him in mind ... Infiltration Weapons) - ENHANCED TEAM-DeathMatch (Gamemode: Team-DM) would be nice, if you'd stop... Also a couple of security issues have been found and fixed so using 227f becomes of now deprecate... The patch can be applied to the Steam versions also and is fully working, but I have no idea how ... Reports are welcome. Server admins who are running 227f should update because of that soon. When updating you should be aware that this is a full installer again and if you want to keep you... Also due to the new cache handling (cache search is improved) it is recommended to empty your cac... Have fun! Music Output based on FMOD New maps can be enhanced with the following ambients (placed as zonein... Maybe one day the successor of OpenAL for Unreal, its currently a good choice for low-end cards a... Because fmod seems to be developed itself faster like OpenAL it will maybe replace OpenAL here in... OpenGL The OpenGL updates are made to make Unreal work with new grafix-cards, supporting new feat... One of the advantages is for example to make so called S3TC (High Res, High Color) textures usabl... Those textures can be found on the 2nd UT CD and installed directly for UT and for Unreal with a ... Crystal Castles Version 1.1 released [30-03-2005]

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