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Maps of Poland - Privacy Policy

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Travel Information Travel to Poland Malaga Car Hire Overview Maps Political Map of Poland Physica... Privacy Policy The following statement explains our policy regarding the personal information we collect about you. 1) Introduction 2) Our use of cookies 3) Use and storage of your personal information 4) Access to your personal information 1. We must collect this information legally and disclose to you what our intentions are with the use... In general, any information you provide to Code Network will only be used within the E A Deane Ho... We will hold your personal information on our systems indefinatley and may at times where formall... Top] 4. Access to personal information You have a legal right to request a copy of any personal inform... You also have a right to request Code Network Media Group to remove any personal information abou... Top] South Africa Map For more information on non country specific maps visit : Maps of Africa & Maps of the World Website Design Copyright of E A Deane Holdings Ltd - All maps marked as copyright other than E A Deane Holdings Ltd are not permitted for use withou... Privacy Policy - About Us

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