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R.J. Rummel, state, political system, government, political triangle, types, libertarian, regime, space, authoritarianism, totalitarian, liberal democratic, welfare liberal, fascist, communist, democratic socialist, anarchism, classical liberal, dynastic, monarchy, conservative, socialism, exchange society, coercive society, authoritative society, power

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autonomy conflict elite government group groups law political power social society state system systems types

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Although there is a tendency in modern American political science to treat the political system a... And this is a balance among individuals . A specific political system is a particular definition ... Those who fill these roles, who have the right to command others, are the political elite. Clearly, many different balances can be struck, as manifested by such varied polities as the Unit... But these balances of power governing the state share some communalities and vary on certain sign... One characteristic is the openness of the authoritative roles to change in incumbency and the law... That is, does the status quo itself grant members of the state the right to compete for elite sta... Capitalism is always difficult to place on such a popular continuum, since it is conceived variou... This ideological spectrum is misleading, for it separates formulas with similar characteristics (... Moreover, where would anarchism fit? Figure 31.2 reorders these formulas according to the space defined by the political triangle, whi... Libertarians want to be free to do as they please; if a political system has any function it is t... They range from the anarchists who feel all government can be eliminated, 5 to the conservative l... The welfare or new deal liberal marks the division between libertarianism and socialism. The intermediary points on the triangle's sides reflect the overlap between the three types of so... And a libertarian system comprises an exchange field in which people are free to adjust their pos... 31.4 SUMMARY In summary, I have continued to emphasize power as the basis for social relations an... Then I examined one kind of society, that formal social group we call a state, and the specific t... I argued that political systems can be characterized as open or closed, as allowing or controllin... These characteristics define a two-dimensional political space in which three types of political ... We can further refine this triangle according to contemporary political formulas and locate on it...

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