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One bittersweet surprise was finding out that my friend Daniel Beunza has moved to the London Sch... Much sadder was receiving an automated e-mail from Anne Friedman, another friend with whom I co-w... This time, I looked her up in Google news—just in case—and was saddened to hear that ... I remember Anne and I talking about how I had discovered that Derek Gross, a college friend who d... This was before the age of blogs, but Derek updated his Web page regularly and when I visited it ... Certainly it's something I had never wished to see again, but just as surely discovering Anne's d... Anne was a brilliant scholar, as evidenced by her books Window Shopping and the Virtual Window, a... Kazys Varnelis [ CV] is the Director of the Network Architecture Lab . With Robert Sumrell, he runs the non-profit architectural collective AUDC. blog On Detachment, General Observations Web Changes Talking about Kasuba in Ireland bowie vs architecture Uneven Growth Studio, 2047 (2014 GSAPP studio) Against Passwords Against Peer Review On Drupal, or Wither Web 2.0? X@X the Amber Festival, Istanbul Strange but True (most of the Time): Architecture Between Research and Fiction Uneven Growth Show X@X MoMA

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