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Who do you want to direct your script? steven spilberg 11. What makes your script worth producing or watching? Because of the conflict and life situation 12. Can you comment about the state of the Philipine movie industry at present. its poor because of t... Any word of advice to budding or aspiring writers like you? do what you think is best God bless!!! Posted by LAPIS, PAPEL, AT IDEYA at 4:26 PM No comments: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 State briefly what your script is all about. its all about a gurl who named cady, well she is an ... Is there any character(s) in your story that represents you? If yes, please identify which and state the similarities between the two of you. yes, its cady bu... Who and what inspired you to write your script? to my mom because i want to finish my studies i w... How was it like to write a script? for me its very fun because you are creating your imagination ... Will you pursue scriptwriting?scr... kind a fun but it is not for me, i want to find that what is... Do you have any plans of entering the film business in the future? 1. What is the title of your original script?ahm!!... Jino Gozales blogger(michael sumague) GIO sorolla kurt naval John Robert Alo Mark Lester Malvar

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