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Health Reform | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
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The health reform gateway page from the Kaiser Family Foundation provides key information, news and analysis about national health care reform efforts. Resources include an interactive side-by-side health reform plan comparison tool, briefs on key reform concepts and analysis on key issues in health care reform, webcasts of briefings with key congressional leaders involved in health care reform and Kaiser?s polling data presenting public opinion on reforming the nation's health insurance system.

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Media Fellowships Barbara Jordan Conference Center Contact Us Employment Opportunities Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues? Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues? ACA?s Future 4 million more older adults are projected to be uninsured by 2026. Silver and Bronze plan net premiums would be higher for older adults at most income levels. Loss of coverage for adults in their 50s and early 60s could have ripple effects for Medicare. Would Insurers Stop Covering Key Health Benefits if States Opt for House Bill Waiver? The Effects of Ending the Affordable Care Act's Cost Sharing Reduction Payments Related: Impact of Cost Sharing Reductions on Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Limits 10 Ways the American Health Care Act Could Affect Women An Estimated 52 Million Adults Have Pre-Existing Conditions that Would Make Them Uninsurable Pre-... ACA Marketplace Enrollees Receiving Estimated $32.8 Billion in Tax Credits Uninsured Rate Among the Nonelderly Population 2017 Premium Changes and Insurer Participation in ACA Marketplaces Preventive Services Tracker Health Coverage by Race and Ethnicity: Examining Changes Under the ACA and Remaining Uninsured The Future of Contraceptive Coverage

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