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IBM Digital Experience wiki: Search for Web Content Manager: IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management search: Esse

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Web Content Management search artifacts and the best practices for realizing optimal search perfo... Contents 1 Basics of search engine functionality 2 Search services 3 Best practices 4 Conclusion ... WebSphere Portal provides all the search features out of the box to enable Web site/portal search... What are search crawlers and how do they work? A search crawler runs in the background collecting... Each search collection can have multiple Content Sources and can be scheduled to crawl at certain... When a new collection is created, it creates a directory with the name of the collection under th... DefaultCollectio... specific to the service being used. It also enables searching by Authoring template or author, for example, and also custom formattin... When you create a search collection, you must select a search service. That search service will be used to perform searches that users request on that collection and ca... You can set parameters to configure a Portal Search Service, allowing you to set up separate inst... You can also set up multiple Portal Search Services and thereby distribute the search load over s... The search services described below are provided by WebSphere Portal by default: Portal search se... Note that, for a cluster portal environment, you must set up a remote search service. This can be customized by setting RECOVERY_BACKUP_L... to the desired location and setting the RE... WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management product documentation: ? Integrating IBM WebSphere Portal Search with IBM Workplace Web Content Management for version 6?:... Making content searchable anywhere using IBM WebSphere Portal's publishing Seedlist Framework?: h... High availability options for IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 search?: 6 About the ... She was a Team Lead for the Portal search component support in IBM US, and worked extensively wit... Anu holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from LSU, and is an IBM Certified WebSphere ND 6.1...

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