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"Awareness & Consciousness And Energy" - Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh
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Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh has an illustrious background with several years of experience since 1972 as a qualified Medical Doctor, a Professor and Consultant of Traumatology, Orthopaedic Surgery, PhD in Wellness Sciences and DSc Transformational Sciences.
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DRPF has created Universal Solutions in the form of Transformation, Education & Tools that Enrich Our Consciousness

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Balanced Life Solution Balanced Life Solution Training BLS Training - 27 Day Retreat Program Balanced Life Solutions Consultation Awareness & Conscious Transformation Series ACT Level 1 - His presence, speech, touch, embrace, gaze & breath, evokes the healing and let go process. He says that this isn't limited to him because everyone has the ability to achieve this state.... Thousands of attendees ask him for the trio touch - left cheek (cleanses the past), right cheek (... and the forehead brings them to the PRESENT MOMENT.... ?In his next quest he stepped from the ? Material World in to the Energy World . Here, Dr. S.K. He really wanted to find the reason of disease and a solution for the same. Little did he know, that this quest would lead to so many realizations of the material world. He learnt that, "t he problems of ageing are due to disease, disease is due to persistent stress..." This cycle can be applied to every aspect of life, in every profession, in every organization, on... But why do people go into stress? Normally, the body has the capacity to compensate however, the body loses its ability to compensa... ? Scanning organs to detect stress levels...

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