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"Content is King" : We believe and we follow. Do you?

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Content marketing is on the rise, with the sector has experienced double-digit growth for the past seven years. In 2014, the sector was worth $144.81 billion. By 2019, it?s expected to have a net worth of $313 billion, according to the Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015?2019.
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Howdy! Treat the king with respect else there would be some extra expenses and lag of growth. Treat the king well. We believe "Content is King."

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Be the change!! " CIMAC, the marketing ally for every business. Not a single business would go unnoticed. +91.9007.507167 Email: X@X CIMAC Marketing 31, Shyam Sundar Pally, Shakuntala Park, Behala Open in Google Maps Digital Marketing Website & Now the content idea and its marketing are changing in a dynamic way. So, the marketing structure gradually changed time by time. Role of Videos has played a substantial role in content marketing. Keeping in mind the various audience nature where some love reading, some watching, and some list... Keep this well in mind to fit in every taste of audience and avoid being lost in the vast content... 2. Another idea is included in the strategy of content marketing that to Utilize the General Idea... Two questions pop out in front of every content marketer: 1) What I am working on at CIMAC Group is that curating a monthly content collection and a short rec... Google loved the way of content marketing followed as we witnessed guest visits by Google Crawler... 4. Everything has a start time and expired time, the same happens to the content also. Every social content should be an Expiry Time to promote the new things of Ideas and its importance. What I experimented with the Expired Content was pushing it once again with new contents with a 2... After several, I came to the conclusion to work on New Ideas and curate the use of Infographics t... 5. Social content or every content should be focused in the audience world.

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