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Dolan brilliantly situates the violence of the relationship within an exquisite filmic structure,... Eric Mendelsohn (Judy Berlin, ND/NF 1999) returns with this exquisite, unsettling trio of life-ch... After his business trip is canceled, John (Elias Koteas) finds himself minutes from home yet lost... Part-time painter and full-time mom Peggy (Edie Falco) is delighted when asked by a celebrity nei... And when 8-year-old Christina (Rachel Resheff) runs to school after missing the bus, the journey ... Endowed with the mystery of a John Cheever short story, 3 Backyards is a beautifully composed fil... Looking at Animals Marc Turtletaub, USA, 2009; 25 min. In person, he projects a passionate joy about his filmmaking craft, and the disturbing events con... To hear him talk about his work is to realize that he comes from a line that includes De Sade, Bl... And then there's the other side of Grandrieux's work, one that, these days, is dominant. (In fact... Sombre , which has what I can honestly say may be the best opening of any film ever, is photograp... Here, at The Auteurs, is Glenn Kenny on the challenges of Grandrieux's work: The sure-to-be contr... So exacting and precise is Grandrieux with respect to the creation and projection of the cinemati... The immersion in total darkness is said to be particularly crucial to his latest picture, 2008's ... Buy/Access Digital Subscription Read A Digital Sample Subscription Help Buy/Renew Print Subscription ON THIS PAGE OUR BLOGS AND RSS FEEDS HAVE CHANGED! IF YOU LANDED ON THIS BLOG PAGE.... 2010 NEW DIRECTORS/NEW ... ARCHIVES Current Posts January 2004 February 2004 March 2004 April 2004 May 2004 June 2004 July 2004 Augus... The Magazine of Independent Film 2017 Filmmaker Magazine All Rights Reserved A Publication of IFP Subscribe

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