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we are the notes and life is the bar

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? ... Find more Communities RSS Reader Help Shop Help It ends when I want it to end." I am never the type to take ownership on what was never mine BUT ... See change is needed. And I am now enjoying the change. I have a wonderful fiancÚ that I know I will always create beau... And that's enough. That night, I just kept on agreeing but ended the meering wtih "guys you know me. I will always t... Funny that if it ends then it ends. I have wonderful new chapters to write. Why should that stop me. ? It's almost time to leave this island I thank you all who are kind hearted I cut my ties to you w... It's actually bittersweet to leave since I will be leaving a weird mix of friends. But good people leave because of different reasons. But I guess one major reason would be because when people in position do wrong and are not reprim... That was for you my love. You are a kind hearted soul who has endured more than what others can handle. And I admire that because I would've instantly thought of killing them instead of showing love.

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