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The God Wars Dungeon (often abbreviated as GWD), originally known as the Temple of Lost...

RuneScape Wiki, runescape, God Wars Dungeon, Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Kree'arra, Nex, Nex: Angel of Death, Saradomin sword, Zamorakian spear, Armadyl crossbow

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ancient area armadyl battle dungeon god gods level main notes players saradomin temple wars zamorak

Content Summary

Pages that need improvement Pages that need completing Pages that need updating Pages that need cleanup Images needing retaking Images needing transparency Projects Ashuelot Reis, were approached by a stranger who spoke of Guthix and how he was capable of ending... Ashuelot and the other priests were persuaded to turn against Saradomin and become followers of G... They were instructed to perform a ritual that would allegedly awaken Guthix; however, it was actu... The stranger, later found out to be Sliske, killed the priests and priestesses after the ritual, ... Ashuelot, proficient in Guthixian rituals, transformed herself into a nature spirit to keep her s... Despite their aggression towards each other, the four other generals, aware that none of them cou... They succeeded, and Nex was once again trapped behind the frozen door. As such, unequipping and reequipping a piece of equipment causes monsters in the vicinity to beco... Only one item devoted to a god is required to pacify all of his soldiers, and having items devote... Certain items aligned to Zaros - Pernix, Torva, and Virtus equipment and the shard of Zaros - will grant tolerance from all main d... For players without any Zarosian equipment, four items are required for full tolerance in the mai... There are no followers of the god diagonally across from that section in the vicinity in the main... Within the god encampments, only protection for that god's followers and protection for Zamorak's...

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