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Who's afraid of Barack Obama? - POLITICO

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Obama seems to lack one item that most presidents find helpful to have in their White House tool box: Fear.

Barack Obama, Congress, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, White House, Presidents, Bill Clinton

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Trump gets cozy with Democrats, and Republicans say ? I told you so? The Deep State Is Real Bernie backers' attacks on Democrats infuriate the party Why North Korea is a black hole for American spies How to See Justice Done on Campus Sexual Assault How Washington traps disaster victims But with the moment of truth fast approaching on Capitol Hill for the signature item on his domes... On the left and on the right, interest groups and members of Congress have been eagerly enjoying ... That?s usually a practice presidents try to discourage?especi... among members of their own party... But the practice has been encouraged by this president?s own intellectual and political style?a p... In the speech this week, Obama rallied Democrats by saying he would not tolerate GOP distortions ... Even the legendary Rahm Emanuel, cast early on as the White House enforcer, has taken a slightly ... It?s got some people in both parties wondering whether there really is a steel fist inside Obama?... Morning Agriculture Morning Cybersecurity Morning Defense Morning Education Morning eHealth Morning Energy Morning Money

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