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How teams transition to agile development methodologies,289142,sid92_gci1347417,00.html

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Considerations for transitioning to agile development methods include when in the development cycle to move, agile training and team size and makeup.

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How to switch your team to agile Suggestions for scaling agile Scrum and requirements gathering Basab Dattaray with Mountain View, Calif.-based Intuit Inc. said his group also brought in an ext... AMS Services, a provider of insurance agency automation products based in Bothell, Wash., also br... The committee was tasked with developing a plan to adopt Scrum. "We gave them a three-month deadl... They then took "10 natural leaders from a 50-person team" and sent them to a Scrum master course,... Not every organization starts with formal training, though -- take Ajira Technologies Inc. CEO Na... With short development cycles, we can't afford to sit in a classroom." Dattaray's group started with what he called a big sprint of six weeks, then moved to four weeks ... Last year, Dattaray said his teams delivered six different products. "The smallest ones had two d... Kinsman said AMS Services also set up cross-functional teams. "Before, the groups were very siloe... The goal was to deliver fully functional software at the end of every sprint. "It was a pretty bi... They were all loners prior to this." The biggest challenge for the teams, Kinsman said, was getting members to break down stories very... For Vignette, having distributed teams was the biggest challenge, Subramanian said. "I think team... Google Hire introduction shakes up job recruiting tech market Google's introduction of Hire, a SaaS job recruiting tool that works with the G Suite of office a... Employee engagement app keeps mining company employees connected With the goal of engaging workers, Australian mining company uses StaffConnect employee communica... Nine ways workforce analytics can improve talent management The workforce represents your company's largest expense, its top differentiator and its greatest ... Here's how workforce ...

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