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English Russia » Daily selected things from Russia and ex USSR countries. Published In English.
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Interesting news from Russia in English language.

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4 Photos of Soviet Counter Culture Youth History, Interesting Facts, Photos, Russian People, Society In late USSR there were youngsters who wanted to look different, even it was formally banned to d... You could be easily getting a compulsory haircut in school if your hair was too long and you was a boy, and coming at school dressed like somebody on these photos would make you a target... However, no matter how high were the risks kids were killing it with their looks. Read more... Ulan Bator route is among the most popular Trans-Siberian train tours and the experience is full ... The setting changes every day as the train makes its way from the capital of Russia, Moscow, to t... The train passes a total of 15+ cities and covers the distance of 6266 kilometers (3894 miles), crossing Russia from west to ... To get an insight of the cities on the route, travelers choose not to spend all the time solely o... Here?s what the Trans-Siberian Railway is all about from the eyes of travelers! Read more... The World?s Heaviest and Largest Jet Good Citizen Copyright 2014 English Russia | Most of the photo and video materials on this site are submitted by the readers or acqulred thru the open sources Powered by WordPress Official Bitcoin address of ER: 1MfXdS6Pa3hPyFkWA...

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