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Erin Andrews video spreads virus on Web ? SciTechBlog - Blogs

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Some links to a video of an ESPN reporter undressing in her hotel room carry a computer virus, according to a security analyst. Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, a computer security company, told CNN that the viral video of Erin Andrews gives hackers an opportunity to compr...

computer security, john d. sutter -- writer/producer

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The media needs to get their facts strait before publishing this stuff for ratings! Its an email that is delivered to your mail box, with a link in the email. The user is requested to click the link to see the video, once the user goes to the site, a 'bogu... When the user attempts to click the player, they are prompted to download a 'codec' or 'adobe fla... This is when the user becomes infected from them downloading and installing the "addtional" softw... When stories like this are published "video of (insert name here) carriers computer virus!!!", th... Flag this comment Times to educate you a bit about viruses.... I'm responding due to someone's comment about 85% of "videos" on p2p networks being infected with... Did you know that exactly 0% of video files on the entire web are infected with a virus? A video,... In the method used by these "hackers", the user has to click YES to INSTALL a "video player"........ So the general rule, never click Yes to a dialog box on a website you don't know/trust, but stop ... P2P networks do have a lot of spyware/malware/a... however if you're looking for a video, why wou... Flag this comment SciTechBlog ? CNN.comIts free and is free to update its definitions. ... I'm not condoning intern... Flag this comment china jerseys August 27th, 2011 11:56 pm ET I simply extra this blog to assist you to my very own feed audience, superb goods. Is not able to have a sufficient amount of!. Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys,

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