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Newswire & Press Release / Mashreq Bank Implements Internet Banking Security Solution - IT Security/Anti-Spam - Oak Consulting

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Mashreq Bank, implemented a 2 Factor Authentication solution called CRYPTO-Shield 2 FA from CRYPTOCard for its corporate customers. Bulwark Technologies, facilitated the deployment of CRYPTOCard tokens at Mashreq Bank

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Mashreq opted for the server-based CRYPTO-Shield 2FA with long-life hardware tokens, which did no... Each customer is assigned a hardware token, which has a unique ID and barcode, against which the ... The tokens are dispatched from Mashreq by person-to-person delivery in tamper-proof packages. Each customer presents valid identification and signs for the package, verifying it has not been ... Mashreq’s customers have faith in the system since the unique password that the token algorithm c... The CRYPTOCard hardware tokens carry Mashreq’s corporate branding. The technology is – and is perceived to be – a high tech and functional tool by Mashreq’s customers. With the highest levels of encryption, most robust tokens and lowest total cost of ownership, CRY... The only company to offer authentication in server-based, managed service and build-it-yourself o... About Bulwark Technologies, LLC Founded in 1999, Bulwark Technologies, LLC ( is speci... The company represents well-known companies in the areas of Antivirus/Content Management, Firewal... Bulwark’s qualified, well trained and certified technical staffs are in a position to provide sup... The products delivered by the company enable businesses and organizations, both in public and pri... Your Banner Ad Here instead - The recipient of this press release is responsible for using this press release and the informati... This press release does not constitute an offer or an offering to acquire or subscribe for any Oa... IT Security/Anti-Spam via RSS Find who Retweet Follow X@X | e-mail Article Are you the owner of this article? , Turn it PREMIUM with your LOGO instead - and make it 3rd par... Read Latest Articles From Oak Consulting FZC / Company Profile

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