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The CNN Political Ticker is the hottest destination for the latest political news with dispatches, behind-the-scenes reports, and expert commentary, 24-7. For the latest political news from CNN's Best Political Team, with campaign coverage, 24-7.

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Two sources inside Mitt Romney's inner circle tell CNN that while Romney isn't planning a preside... "A lot of people in Romneyland are rooting for him to get in," says one source. "He's not one of ... Another source close to Romney puts it this way: "I wouldn't bet on it, but I wouldn't bet either." The key, these sources say, is that Romney wants to see a Republican candidate who can win the Wh... So there's a willingness to wait to see who will run for the GOP nomination. While these sources say that, as of today, it's not likely Romney would run, it can't be ruled ou... FULL STORY For a small band of supercharged Democratic organizers, the pleasant Des Moines neighborhood of B... The moniker was bestowed three years ago by a motley crew of Democrats who first met as strangers... Led by Kimberley Boggus, a bubbly 33-year-old nursing student, and Sam Reno, a 42-year-old no-non... By November, in another show of force, "we turned out 87 percent of the Democratic voters in Beav... Boggus recalled with evident pride. After the campaign, Obama's behemoth political organization became Organizing For America (OFA), ... FULL STORY Tom Harkin was convening his 37th and final Steak Fry, an annual fundraiser that doubles as a poi... After a 90-minute wait, the press scrum - scribblers and photographers alike - were herded like c... The Clintons ignored the half-hearted shouted questions from reporters - "Mr. President, do you eat meat?" - with practiced ease. They were two football fields away from the nearest voter. Mechanical, distant, heavy-handed: The afternoon spectacle felt a lot like Hillary's 2008 caucus ... And then the head fake - and something different.

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