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Content Summary

In some cases as Curzon (1985) points out, those who compile a syllabus tend to follow the tradit... Thus, an approach to curriculum theory and practice which focuses on syllabus is only really conc... Curriculum is a body of knowledge-content and/or subjects. Education in this sense, is the process by which these are transmitted or ?delivered? to students... Where people still equate curriculum with a syllabus they are likely to limit their planning to a... It is also because this view of curriculum has been adopted that many teachers in primary schools... Curriculum as product For example, John Dewey in Experience and Education referred to the ?collateral learning? of atti... He argues it is those things which students learn, ?because of the way in which the work of the s... The learning associated with the ?hidden curriculum? is most often treated in a negative way.  It is learning that is smuggled in and serves the interests of the status quo.  The emphasis on regimentation, on bells and time management, and on streaming are sometimes seen ... What we do need to recognize is that such ?hidden? learning is not all negative and can be potent... In so far as they enable students to develop socially valued knowledge and skills? or to form the... How a school or college staff may work on curriculum building. Wragg, T. (1997) The Cubic Curriculum, London: Routledge. 120 + x pages. Put aside the naff tittle ? this book provides an accessible model of cur riculum building that a... Wragg?s ?cubic curriculum? has three dimensions: subject matter; cross-curricular themes and issu... The concern is to provide a model for practice ? so the book is a bit lightweight with regard to ... References

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