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HecklerSpray - Grown Up Gossip and Entertainment News
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Hecklerspray is a snarky entertainment blog dedicated to celebrity gossip, music news, hollywood gossip and games.

entertainment, celebrity gossip, movies, TV, music

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Kristen Stewart Wasn?t Faking Her Romantic Relationships With Dudes August 4th, 2017 By Krysta Fitzpatrick Kristen Stewart?s likability rating has gone up significantly in my books since the end of Robste... And while Kristen Stewart announcing that she?s ?like, so gay? on Saturday Night Live made all th... Stewart, who is currently one half of my favourite celebrity lesbian couple (the other half being... You know, just girly things! Continue reading... Tyga Warned Rob About Chyna and is Over Kylie July 22nd, 2017 By Krysta Fitzpatrick Just when I thought I was done writing about Hollywood Hobo Tyga, I find myself dragged right bac... Tyga was recently on the radio show The Breakfast Club, and while I have no idea why people are s... For instance, Tyga revealed he is no longer in love with his teenage sugar mama, Kylie Jenner, an... Maybe now that he?s done stating obvious shit, I can go back to forgetting that he exists. Continue reading... Who knew Beyoncé was such a cheap bitch? Continue reading... Miley Cyrus Felt Sexualized Back When She Was Being Ratchet July 13th, 2017 By Krysta Fitzpatrick 2017 might be frolicking on the beach listening to Joni Mitchell, letting her roots grow out, and... Miley 3.0 is one again talking about Miley 2.0 (Miley 1.0 being Hannah Montana era) and admits th... Ugh, people sexualize EVERYTHING!

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