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Duggar Family Set To Pump Out 19th Baby

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Hey you! Bored of Jon & Kate Plus 8? Fed up of Octomom's very obvious restraint? You are? Well good.

Duggar, Duggar family, Michelle Dugger, 18 Kids And Counting

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Michelle Duggar announced the news of her 19th pregnancy ? eight months after her 18th pregnancy ... ?I?m feeling sick and tired, which is a good way to be feeling about right now. I always tell mys... That was all Michelle Duggar said, because immediately afterwards a small gust of wind got caught... Now, don?t worry if you think that the Duggar family are another bunch of fame-thirsty opportunis... The Duggars aren?t like that at all. They?re just your normal, unusually large Arkansas family with strong family values including pol... They?re perfectly sensible. They don?t live in the have to have it now, all the best, and brand new mind set of the average p... They own their own business, and won?t buy anything unless it?s on sale, or they can get it cheap. They even took three years to build their house, pretty much doing all the work themselves, to sa... irene says September 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm they are hipocrets they dont belive in tv or internet but they live off it all those kids omg why... siobhan says You do not need a sibling to complete your childhood. I had lots of friends to fill my time and m... Now, large families are dysfunctional with siblings raising each other. A parent is capable of ra... She is happily single. I am happily single but I do not hate children, I find the little ones cute. However, large families are detrimental so I feel your pain. Many children in large families do not get good jobs but crappy clerical or blue collar work. Girls in large families tend to seek their affections elsewhere e.g. my aunts had lots of boyfrie... You did the smart thing.

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