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My Friend Amy
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mw la nen la kou wa
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GREETING, Hello my dear friend i am Miss magdaline, how are you?please my dear i know you may be surprise,i want to be your friend,please i will like you to get back to me ...
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Adding to the boiling pot of emotions is the fact that Julia and her husband are only patching th... Something happens though and the city faces a great attack. Suddenly David's life is hanging in the balance and the crime boss he was threatening to put away... Julia can't let this rest and takes it upon herself to investigate what happened and make sure th... Duplicity is a fast thriller. The pace is fairly unrelenting and while the characters definitely experience a range of emotions... Sometimes I feel like it would have been fun to be an investigative reporter, but it also seems l... This post uses Amazon affiliate links, if you click on the link and make a purchase I may receive... Long Black Veil was classified to me as a mystery/thriller. With such a dark and mysterious title and cover, I was certainly intrigued. I found the book to b... While it certainly has thriller elements, I find this classification a little bit misleading. It didn't detract from my appreciation of the book, but I do think if you're looking for a "can't... It begins with a night that will drive much of the plot for the book...a group of young people ac... As they grow older, the events of that night drive their decisions and impact their future choices. I recently devoured the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why . I had read the book many years ago (and i... It reminded me that all adaptations aren't evil. (I understand there is some controversy around t... However, with this type of media I really shy away from broadbrushing it as all evil or all good. What speaks to one person may harm another and that's the nature of art and story) Books remain a big source for TV so I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the rece... Of course, one of the most exciting is the news that Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle is being... However, there is a lot of fantasy stuff that will need to have a budget to look good, LBR.

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