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Progressive rock music discography & reviews
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Progressive rock music discography & reviews / from, the ultimate progressive rock website

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The other major highlight is the voice of Miriam Schell, a stunning beauty who can sing like the ... Harder handles the keyboards here, leaving the kit to Matt Zenrich, while composing dark and atmo... This is the third album for this Hamburg band and it's a crime that it did not get more exposure.... Perhaps it's not to everyone's liking but if you are a fan of female singers, which I hate to rep... If you are a fan of Karnataka, Mostly Autumn, Iona, Cairo, Mantra Vega, Shine Dion, Panic Room, H... The arrangements are extended platforms for the voice, as the buildup is deftly executed and buil... The album and band are placed in the Prog Related category which may be one of the reasons it has... Gravity's Evil Plan" is just divinely delicious as the saxes, flutes and clarinets slowly ratchet... While Canterbury whimsical titles are the name of the game on THE THIRD FRONTIER, further referen... The following short track follows the Hatfield and the North theme with Dave Stewart inspired key... "Life As We Thought We Knew It" gracefully ratchets up the Canterbury styled jazz-rock with psych... The album closes with the more subdued closer "The Last Reflection" that ends the album with the ... I can understand why some jazz-fusionists may not find this appealing. UTOPIANISTI is all about g... The grooves and hooks are instantly addictive. Hints of potential comes with a recognizable name, here and there, to excite the senses and secur... This brilliant kitman has graced a slew of albums that blew me sideways (namely the recent Heathe... Touchstone released 4 studio albums, as well as a live one and disbanded a few years ago. I am ha... Lead vocals are handled by Rachel Hill, another addition to a growing list of stunning female pro... But it is Cottingham who really owns the crown, composing tender and memorable melodies such as o... His sweeping keyboard add orchestrated drama to all the compositions as well as letting his finge... He also sings at the appropriate times, an expressive tone that feeds the musical thrill, best il...

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