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Progressive rock music discography & reviews
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Progressive rock music discography & reviews / from, the ultimate progressive rock website

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Not bad, but ultimately forgettable, especially for a band with so much more to offer like Cynic.... There are some gorgeous melodies in this one, and the female vocals in particular are quite smoot... More of that please! Fits nicely with the album, but also with this style of easy prog-metal as i will be calling it. Reminds me of Out Of Myself by Riverside, in the sense that the band was obviously holding back i... They are, after all, clearly a progressive METAL band and without that edge they lose points on t... For fans of the band only; not the best place to start. Come 2017 and the Georgia, USA based band MASTODON releases its seventh studio album which hit nu... Once again the Neurosis connection firmly connects MASTODON to the world of sludge metal with Sco... This album, lyrically speaking, is about soul searching and the horrible realizations of mortalit... While firmly based in a progressive sludge metal sound that emerged from the beginning, MASTODON ... For anyone familiar with "The Hunter" and the next album "Once More 'Round The Sun," then this on... The band sound as sharp as ever with all the heaviness you would expect in their unique brand of ... EMPEROR OF SAND is yet another very well crafted MASTODON album with all the expected riffs, voca... They might start or end with some interesting noises, and contain some interesting beats, but mos... Indeed, there are few real solos to speak of (a couple of the Gong-like tracks have short guitar ... There are no vocals, which is fine, but that means there needs to be something else to add musica... For the most part, this is done with textures made by synths, whether synth washes or sequencers,... The best tracks on this album are the title track ("Jurassic Shift") and the closer ("Vita Voom")... After this, the opener ("Sun Hair") is a nice tune with an interesting synth sequence that actual... My version of the album has both the studio version and also a live version of "Feng Shui", which...

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