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Sitemap Generator to Create XML Site Map online + SEO Tool

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Sitemap Generator to make XML sitemaps for Google, Bing and help optimize your website online completely free!

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At one time, each search engine had their own idea of how a sitemap should be formatted, fortunat... There is still the traditional html sitemap, and we have taken that into consideration when build... Before the XML Sitemap, website owners used a HTML sitemap to get their content recognized by sea... The nice thing about this type of sitemap is that it can help visitors navigate your site while a... GENERATE A SITEMAP FAST It?s simple, just enter the website you would like to generate a site map for (found under the ?s... The sitemap generator will spider your site using the default settings and give you the option to... As for duplicate titles, well, I?m not sure it just one reason, but there are many multipages thr... As for meta descriptions, well, I was also disappointed when I saw them missing, but it wasn?t me... Could you please tell me how to filter out SID? Actually, I set up many exclusions while building the sitemap, to filter out unneeded pages, but ... I was also wondering, how deep I should allow the crawler go? The forum?s been running not even for three months and I find it hardly believable that there cou... Thanks for the hint on the soap, that?s a good one, actually. :) Take a look at this image, it?s the URL Check tool inside the sitemap generator that is overlooke... You?ll notice that when search engines visit hire-safe they are told that hire-safe doesn?t exist... However, when a search engine bot ends up on that page (that?s what you are telling the bots by t... This confusion and duplicate content is guaranteed to hurt your ranking and give your competition... The sitemap stopped because you entered a redirect for the start page of the website and it needs... So, if you were to continue on like it is (I don?t recommend that!), then you would copy and past... Good luck!

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