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Under the skin of the 2010 Acura NSX - Autoblog

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We don't know what the next Acura (Honda) NSX will ultimately look like, but we do know that it will have a 5.5-liter V10 throwing down 560 hp through a tor

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Look for the around the site to subscribe to the topics of your choice. Autoblog Alerts Want to get notified as soon as we write about the topics you're interested in? Click here to sign in and then look for the around the site to subscribe to those topics. Autoblog Alerts Thanks for subscribing to Autoblog Alerts! As content is published, we'll send it right to you. If you ever need to make changes, you can manage your alerts by clicking MANAGE below. Fetching your alerts. The folks over at Auto Express have a cutaway view of the NSX's gizzards, and what lurks beneath ... We do hope, however, that these exterior renderings are quite a ways off. Otherwise, it might not be so bad if Acura offers a cutaway version of the actual car so that you... Source: Auto Express] Create alerts for any tag below Subscribe Tokyo Motor Show Acura Honda Technology Coupe Performance Supercars acura acura nsx AcuraNsx coup... facebook 2017 Oath Inc. All rights reserved. Login Please login using one of the following services: Choose a Display Name Please enter a display name Cancel Change Name

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