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Cardiovascular Conditions | HowStuffWorks

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Cardiovascular conditions are those that affect the heart and other circulatory organs. Learn about the various types of cardiovascular conditions in this group of articles.

cardiovascular conditions, heart conditions, circulatory conditions

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Born in 1948, and still going strong, the Framingham Heart Study has told us just about everythin... But not without some controversies along the way. By Alia Hoyt Cardiovascular Conditions / Heart This Man Carried His 'Heart' in a Backpack for Over a Year Thanks to a portable driver, Stan Larkin was able to live with an artificial heart out in the rea... By Kathryn Whitbourne Jun 7, 2016 All the money and fame and influence in the world won't make it OK for you to eat bacon cheesebur... While celebrities get to take a pass on some of life's unpleasant experiences, no one has immunit... By Tom Scheve Cardiovascular Conditions / Heart 5 Facts About Women's Heart Health The heart is the strongest muscle in the body, and though both men and women can experience heart... Learn what they are and how to handle them. Heart How could someone with relatively healthy arteries be at risk for a heart attack? Could you have healthy arteries and have a heart attack? Learn about heart attack risks and your arteries. Cardiovascular Conditions / Heart How could someone with relatively healthy arteries be at risk for a heart attack? You figure that if you eat right, don't smoke and exercise regularly, you're probably safe from a... So how could a person with good habits still have one?

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