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Content Summary

systematic, organized, intra-individual change that is clearly associated with generally expectab... The concern here with intra-individual change does highlight a problem in some of the literature. There has been a tendency to focus on what is going on inside the individual with a corresponding... This ties in to all those rather fruitless nature-nurture debates that were especially prevalent ... Arguably, today, with the development of genetic research, and more sophisticated appreciations o... This involves looking for the various ways in which genetic influences may orient and open up peo... However, looking at a definition like this we can get stuck on the notion of ?progressions? ? the... Levinson views Midlife as a period where one needs to redress the dominance of attachment to the ... Greater individuation allows him to be more separate from the world, to be more independent and s... But it also gives him the confidence and understanding to have more intense attachments in the wo... Individuation is also apparent in the attempt to integrate polarities within the self, such as th... The process of individuation is thus paradoxical: it points to a developmental move away from the... As Rutter and Rutter have noted in such models there has been a concentration on the universals o... Thus, Freudian theory emphasized psychosexual stages, oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. Finally, there are a host of non-normative influences: events that have great impact on individua... Baltes, Reese, and Lipsitt (1980) summarize these three influences in terms of whether they are p... Normative Age-Graded: Biological and sociocultural influences that are linked fairly clearly with... Normative History-Graded : Environmental, cataclysmic, and social influences that affect most mem... These effects may differ depending on a person?s age at the time of the event, but most people of... Non-normative : Events that are significant for a particular individual, but are not part of an o... With two of the three major influences on development relatively unrelated to age, the attempt to...

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